Römer aus Theresienthal
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Roemers from Theresienthal

These pages show the results of collecting for several years with the idea of publishing the:

"Roemers from Theresienthal -
tradition, variation and vanishing of a glassform between Historismus and modern times

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 Now available: Römer aus Theresienthal, Volume 3
Reprints of catalogues dated between 1870 and 1882

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02.03.2010: Roemer 785
27.02.2010: Stein with dedication 1893
27.02.2010: Glass with unknown decoration in Glaser/Besold page 145
25.02.2010: Cup and glass for champagne pattern 1531 with Dekor Liane

Glassworks of Theresienthal around 1840