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  • The glassworks of Theresienthal

    Links about glass

  • old glass, sience; website from Walter Spiegl
  • Glas.von Spaeth; dealer of goblets from 17.-20. century
  • Glassauctions Fischer in Heilbronn,
  • Glas Kilian, dealer of old glass and artglass in Lüneburg
  • Glas Wolf, dealer of old glass in Stuttgart
  • Glassmuseum Rheinbach
  • Glassmuseum Wertheim
  • Pressglas-Korrespondenz, very much informations about carnival-glass
  • Glashaus Spiegelberg, reproductions of old glass

    what about roemers without wine?

  • Winery Lorenz - wines from the rhinevalley
  • Winery Bürgermeister Carl Koch Erben, shipping wines to the USA
  • Winery Weiler - wines from the rhinevalley

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